Hi Friends,  Below are links to selected videos from our YouTube channel, Psychic Sally Diane. Click here to visit our YouTube channel.  SallyD

Psychic Sunday Live airs every Sunday night at 9PM Eastern on the Psychic Sally Diane YouTube channel. Sally Diane and her producer answer viewer questions with lively banter inbetween. Remember to subscribe so that you may ask a question of SallyD.

What does this week hold in store for you? Sally draws the cards, you pick one, Sally interprets them.

This is a March 27th 2022 reading on a vision Sally had at the beginning of the Ukraine war.

May 27, 2022 Interview with the Stratford Chambre of Commerce General Manager, Eddie Matthews. Thank you Eddie for taking the time to talk to me.

April 17th 2021 interview with Kerri O'Donnell (3 parts)

Psychic Sally Diane interviews Keri O'Donnell. pt.1

In part 2 of this episode Kerri & Sally do current event readings.

Tarot by Lavena's channel is here.


The conclusion of our 1 on 1 Kerri O'Donnell aka Tarot Soul Writer. Sally and Kerri look at the future of the royal family.

Glittery and magical, pixie dust is easy to use and easy to make. SallyD demonstrates how to make her favourite pixie dust, “Happy Home”.  A pinch is all you need to bless your home and all who live there. 

Have you ever heard of a water pie? SallyD trys her hand at baking this sweet depression-era dessert.