Dear Seeker,


This ritual has been designed for the novice as a safe way to open a door of communication to passed loved ones. Read the instructions thoroughly before starting the ritual. Please wait until loved one is at least one year passed before using this ritual.


You will need
  • A private spot, free from ambient light
  • Smudge stick (*note: if you prefer not to use smudge, then say the Lord's Prayer three times in a row instead)
  • Table and supportive straight-back chair
  • Table lamp (for convenience)
  • Rosemary (the kind in your spice rack) approximately 1/4 cup
  • Freestanding mirror (not a magnifying mirror)
  • Picture of your loved one in stand-up frame
  • White candle
  • Lighter
  • Time and focus
  • Small broom and dustpan


This is a basic meditative ritual. Allow yourself approximately half an hour undisturbed time (feed the dog, put the kids to bed, unplug the phone, etc.). The ritual is done in a darkened room within a protective circle. Once the circle is cast, it should not be crossed until the ritual is complete (as with any circle).


Set up


Use smudge* to purify the ritual area. Set up the table and chair in the middle of your private spot. Put table lamp on table, light it then turn off all other lights. The lamp will give you control over the light within the circle. Make sure that everything you need for the ritual is conveniently placed in the ritual area. Place mirror on table facing the chair. The mirror is your door to the spirit realm. Put candle in front of mirror. This is your beacon. Set the picture to the left of mirror, angled in toward mirror. This is declares the door is exclusively for the one in the picture.


The Circle


Sprinkle rosemary in floor in clockwise direction to form circle (starting at northern point of intended circle) around table, chair and yourself. The rosemary forms a strong protective circle. Do not cross the circle, if you must stop for any reason from this point of the ritual, open the circle as detailed later in this article. Sit in chair, light candle then turn off lamp so room is only candle lit.


The Ritual


Look past the candle, into the mirror. Gaze deeply into the eyes of your reflection. Hold the gaze firmly, allowing yourself to go into a light trace. As the spiritual realm opens, you will begin to see vague movement or swirls in your peripheral vision. This indicates that the ritual is working. Firmly stare into the eyes of your own reflection and maintain the light trance.


This is where the communication takes place. It is personal, usually subtle at first and different with everybody. It could be having a thought that is someone else's or a memory-like mental image that is not your own. You may sense the spirit or even feel the loved one touch you. To break the channel of communication, break your gaze.


Complete and Open Circle


To complete ritual and open the circle: Turn on the lamp and extinguish the candle. Starting at the northern-most part of circle, sweep up rosemary circle in counter clock-wise direction with the broom and dustpan. The rosemary is spent and can be thrown in the trash. Smudge* the ritual area again to cleanse and purify.