Meditation & Introduction to Psychometry

This is a meditation exercise routine to strengthen psychic abilities and focus.


Meditation can be useful tool for communication with your guides and for visual divination of past lives, current and future events. Perhaps you have already used meditation for at least one of these purposes. However, I am now asking you to back up and re-learn to meditate. I realize this is like asking a runner to re-learn to walk, but this exercise will enhance the depth of your meditations and ultimately the clarity and detail of knowledge received while in a meditative state. This exercise is pure meditation without visualization or contact with guides. Mastering the art of pure meditation, in addition to the benefits mentioned before, will increase the speed and depth of the alpha state. When in a true alpha state, communication between the conscious mind (everyday mundane thought processes) and the subconscious mind (connection to collective conscientious, higher self and the divine universal force) are unimpeded by outside influences and inner desires.


I will digress at this point to explain two terms in the proceeding paragraph that I will use from time to time:


1. Collective Conscientious: Carl Jung’s theory that everything ever known or experienced by any human that ever lived becomes part of the “collective consciousness” of humanity. Jung believed (and I agree) that the collective conscious can be accessed through the subconscious mind.

2. Universal force (also the Universe): A politically correct term for the divine that applies to whatever you perceive the divine to be (whether that is God, Allah, Buddha, etc.—this term does not apply to dark entities such as the devil or Satan because by definition, they cannot be divine).


The Set Up


Choose a quiet time when you will not be interrupted by anything. Unplug the phones; let out the dog, etc. You should be wearing comfortable loose clothing. Lighting should be dim or even dark to avoid distraction from light. Your meditation will be timed, so you must have some sort of timer that will chime after five to ten minutes but not distract you with noise during your meditation. I use a common mechanical kitchen timer with a pillow over it. That way I hear the ding but not the tick-tick. One of my students put a cup of water in the microwave for 5 minutes. Sit in a comfortable but sturdy chair that provides back support. Beanbag chairs, recliners and stools are not suitable for this exercise. A common dining room chair with a padded seat is probably best. You will sit with feet flat on the floor, back straight up and down, hands loosely placed on thighs with palms up, and eyes shut. Nothing should be crossed as this impedes the proper flow of energy.


The Meditation


You are to focus on your breathing. Do not try to control it or alter the normal breath pattern. Observe as an outsider. Count each exhalation. Count up to four then go back to one. This will be a slow count. The reason you only count to four is that you can count that high without engaging the conscious mind. During your meditation, you may find yourself counting beyond four-that’s okay it doesn’t spoil the meditation, just go back to one. For the first week, I want you to do this once a day for five minutes, for the second week, increase the time to ten minutes. This is a simple exercise designed to discipline the conscious mind to be quiet. When you first try it, you will experience a range of distractions from you conscious mind. The conscious mind is like a two-year-old. It constantly shouts at you and does not like to be told to sit down and be quiet. You may experience anxiety or an “antsy” feeling: you may get what you perceive to be a revelation that disappears in a flash as soon as you open your eyes. These are tricks of the conscious mind to get you to stop counting your breath and listen to it. Any thoughts that come to you during this experience should be responded to with “that’s nice” and let it go. Once you have mastered the art of quieting the shouts of the conscious mind, you will be better equipped to hear the whispers of the subconscious mind. This is the alpha state. Even if you achieve the alpha state early on, I do not want you to open communication, just experience the feeling of this state. Remember: basic building blocks upon which to build a foundation.




Whenever you do any exercise in the metaphysical realm, it is necessary that you protect yourself against negative or dark forces, as this is when you are most vulnerable. You can achieve this by a number of means. Visualize yourself in a sphere of bright glowing white light; surround yourself with a circle of quartz crystals cleansed with sea salt; dab rosemary oil on your third eye, back of neck, hands and feet; and perhaps the easiest and most effective, say the lord’s prayer three times in a row. How you protect yourself is up to you—but do protect yourself. This is common sense.




You are not to use psychic abilities to “spy” on anyone or to read them without their permission. This is bad karma and bad manners. The individual being read can only ethically look at the life of another so far as it influences that individual. For example: you can look at what your boss intends to do with his business as this affects your job, but you cannot ethically look at what your boss does in the privacy of his bedroom. From time to time as a reader, you will be asked to spy on someone. You will know that this is occurring because you will sense the block. Even though you can often break through these blocks, as a reader I suggest you refuse to do so—you could be enabling a stalker or divulging the secrets of a third party. There are two exceptions to these rules: 1. Spouses can be read completely as the permission to do so is inherently part of the wedding vows. 2. Dependent children as parents are responsible for the behavior and well being of their children. This exception does not apply to grown children who are self-sufficient.




This is the basic skill upon which all other skills are built. It is the art of reading an individual through the energies contained in personal objects, such as rings, keys, etc. Wedding rings are difficult to read because of the ownership issue—technically speaking, the husband’s ring belongs to the wife and vice versa. They are not very good objects to use for psychometry. Money is also a poor choice. It has many energies in it that belong to someone else as well as the energies left by the desire for money. I personally prefer watches; others prefer keys or earrings. Which objects work best for you is yours to discover.


In order to set up for psychometry, that a moment to quiet your mind, ground and centre. Use simple visualization to open your hand chakras, which are located in the centre of your palms (as I am sure you know, chakras are energy centers of the human body: the hand chakras may be considered minor chakras, but are very powerful due to frequent use). Visualize a closed window, door, camera shutter or some other sort of closed object over you hand chakras. Once you have the visual image clearly, open it. Now simply place the object in your hand, closed your eyes and focus on it. State what you feel or see, even if it seems silly. You will at first pick up on little things, a sensation of heat, an impression of a colour, an emotion. It starts slowly but the flow of information increases rapidly. When you are done, close you hand chakras by clapping your hands together three times.


The Assignments


1. THE JOURNAL: Keep a daily log of your experiences and assignments. I expect to see this once a week.

2. MEDITATE: Once per day. Five minutes for week one, ten minutes for week two. Record your feelings and progress (set backs as well) in experiencing the alpha state.

3. PSYCHOMETRY: One or two per day if possible. Record the readings and feedback on your journal.